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PROJECT 100 is an attempt to perform 100 parachute jumps in the course of one day. The main goal of it is raising 1mln Polish zlotys for the purchase of specialized wheelchairs for 100 disabled children. The patron of honor of the project is the only Polish cosmonaut General Mirosław Hermaszewski, who continuously supports my activities.

The jumps are going to be performed on 27th of August 2018 in a parachute zone SKY CAMP in Kazimierz Biskupi near Konin. I have chosen this location again as it ensures the highest safety level, provided by the Instructors staff, as well as bearing in mind the access to the PAC 750 XSLOT plane which I consider to be equally comfortable and fast. Another contributing factor was the concrete runway which provides the opportunity for mild takeoff and safe landing.

In the course of the PROJECT 48 in 2017 we had tens of people from the zone gratuitously involved in the project ensuring my safe performance of the jumps, hence ensuring efficient help for those at whom the project was directed at.

In PROJECT 100 we would like to help 100 children in need who would never get a chance to perform similar activities to ours. They will never ride a bike, run or even walk. Therefore, today we are able to direct our hobbies to draw attention to those children’s suffering and ask all the good people to help raise the sum of 1mln Polish zlotys and solve this issue in Poland.These 100 jumps are not merely a sports project but a fight for equal chances for those who are devoid of them at the very start.